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What is Essential Driver Training (EDT)?

Essential Driver Training (EDT) is a structured training programme for learner drivers. It gives new drivers a stronger foundation of training on which they can build their knowledge and skills. The lessons cover the most important skills, knowledge, and behaviours needed to become a safe driver and draw on our knowledge as to the major causes of collisions in Ireland. You will become a more competent driver by taking the EDT programme together with any further driving instruction as agreed with your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and plenty of practice with your Sponsor.

A Sponsor is someone who helps and supports you, the learner driver, as you improve your driving skills by being accompanied by them during practice drives. The Sponsor you choose to help you must hold a full licence for two years and have lots of driving experience

Do I need to do EDT?

If your first learner permit for a car (code 991 in the column headed restrictions/information) is dated on or after 4th April 2011(look at the date in the column headed ό/from), you must complete EDT.

All learner drivers must have completed EDT before they can sit a driving test. You can apply for your driving test online before you have your 12 lessons completed, however you cannot be scheduled for your driving test until we receive the confirmation from your ADI Instructor that you have the 12 EDT lessons completed.

Why do I need to do EDT?

The purpose of EDT is to save lives by maximising the safety of inexperienced drivers and helping them to develop the skills and confidence needed to share the road safely with others. The introduction of EDT for learner drivers is part of the Road Safety Strategy 2007-2012 and is one of a range of measures announced by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) last September to enhance the way that drivers are trained, tested and licensed in Ireland as part of a new Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) system.

How long does EDT take to complete?

EDT for learner drivers is a 12 hour course broken into 12 different one hour lessons. It is recommended that you allow two weeks between each lesson so that you can take any further driving lessons needed and do the required reading and necessary practice.

Who delivers EDT?

EDT is delivered by Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) and a list of ADIs is available in the ADI section of the RSA website. You can choose any ADI that provides EDT in licence category B. Your ADI will give you a logbook in which your lessons and progress will be recorded. If you need to, you can change ADIs.

Must I take all of my 12 EDT lessons with one ADI?

You can choose to change ADI at any point in the EDT programme. It is not a requirement that you complete the EDT programme with one ADI. Once the ADI stamps your logbook upon completion of the lesson you can move to another ADI for your next lesson if you so wish.

Is there a theory lesson as part of EDT?

Most of the lessons are practical but your ADI will show you how to use the vehicle controls and explain the reasoning behind the instruction and guidance being given to you.

How much will EDT cost?

The RSA does not set the charges for EDT lessons. It is down to individual ADIs to set the fees for their services. However if you ring around and ask several ADIs what they are charging before you start your lessons, you should have a good idea whether or not you are getting good value for money.

Do I have to supply my own car?

If you have a car, you will benefit from learning in the car you are familiar with and that you will be doing your practice in outside of the formal lessons. This is something you should discuss with your ADI as the ADI might wish to use a dual controlled vehicle at least for the first few lessons.

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Essential Driver Training (EDT)

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Whichever driving lesson you choose, one thing that remains the same is the high quality of driving lessons you will receive. Our fully-qualified and highly experienced driving instructor will make your learning experience comfortable and stress free.  John remains very calm, friendly and patient in any situation.

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